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Common Launch Disasters and How to Avoid Them

Jay Longwell and Greg Mower from Stratus are conducting a seminar for the UCLA Anderson School of Business Alumni Network on successfully launching technology products worldwide. The event is on March 24th in San Diego. Here is the link for the event — check it...

B2B Tech Marketing Marketing Embedded Imagers

For embedded components of tech-products, the lore of the ‘Intel Inside’ ingredient branding is a ‘siren’s song’ promising strong consumer identification and untold sales. Like most stories of easy money and innovation in marketing, there is much more to tell. While Intel has achieved ‘brand nirvana,’ the initial capital outlay for the ingredient marketing co-op easily measured in billions of dollars. The advertising co-op that paid for a portion of computer manufacturers ads was heavily supplemented with television advertising, further increasing the cost beyond most marketing budgets.


In virtually every industry other than technology, the marketing function drives product development. In the technology world, a company will spend years and mil­lions of dollars (even hundreds of millions) in R&D and product development only to throw the new product “over the fence” to sales and marketing who are then tasked to find the cus­tomers.

NFL Scuttles Capt. Morgan Campaign

I remember seeing it and going hmmm. Eagles TE Brent Celek catches a TD pass on Sunday night and then strikes the “knee-up” Capt. Morgan pose. Turns out it was a guerilla campaign that awarded dollars to charity for every time a player “struck the...