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mPower Technology

Video Production for:

  • Trade show development
  • Launch marketing programs
  • Website promotion
  • YouTube channel

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Fujitsu Siemens Computers
Fujitsu Siemens: Partners Moving On

FUJITSU Siemens Case Study

Fujitsu-Siemens, Europe’s largest computer manufacturer, had moved from direct sales to an indirect channel model. Stratus developed channel communication programs and training strategies to help enable the shift. This included launching channel campaigns in 12 countries resulted in a re-engineering of Fujitsu-Siemens’ channel communications and the recruitment and enablement of over 500 partners in Europe.

Services include:

  • FirePower Strategic Planning
  • Channel Marketing Consulting
  • Channel Training Consulting
  • Promotional Program Design and Execution
  • Advertising and Collateral Development
  • Web Development


mPower Technology
Challenge Altiris is a software vendor that provides asset management and deployment services to SMB and Enterprise network managers involved in new hardware roll-outs.  Their primary issue was that they historically had been trying to sell software directly to customers who were involved in platform migration of laptops, PCs, workstations and servers.  Their sales force was continually trying to fight their way into individual deals and they began looking for ways to launch the product upstream of the hardware migration rather than during or after that event. Objectives

  • Increase sales by launching and building  OEM relationships within North American:
    • Target market analysis
    • Segmentation
    • Positioning
    • Key value/business propositions
    • Channel alignment and sales strategy
    • Messaging platform
    • Launch tactics and programs
  • Develop working relationships with individual sales reps in HP, Dell and IBM.
  • Achieve  $6M in first year  product  licensing sales and reduces sales expenses

Solution Through our FirePower planning process, the Stratus team helped the Altiris sales organization determine that the entire product marketing and sales messaging had to be revamped and positioned away from consumer segment and more towards the regional and nation account sales reps within major OEMs.  The strategy of changing the value messaging to how Altiris products drive greater and faster sales for OEM sales rep was key in this process.  Initially we were working with leading OEMs to determine how the software would enhance and win new business for each sales rep.  Upon determining these factors we launched a multi-year campaign to partner directly with each sales force. Results The campaign was wildly successful, during the first 3 years of the campaign; licensing sales grew from $8M annually in OEM sales to $70 million in OEM sales just within Dell Corporation.  Based a great deal on the on success and penetration of this new sales model,   Altiris was recently purchased from Symantec for over $800M.

HP Network Printing
Network Printing Made Easy

HP was in a pitch battled with the other three top business printer companies in an increasingly commoditized market. We repositioned HP’s network printing solutions to target IT manager segment worldwide by focusing on how their integrated printer and network connectivity products made their customers’ lives easier. Over two years of programs trained and enabled resellers across Europe and North America on this positioning, which was the foundation for 8 quarterly launch programs. HP moved to market dominance in network printing within 2 years.

Services include:

  • Strategic consulting
  • Launch program development and execution
  • Channel marketing programs
  • Sales training
  • Advertising and collateral development
  • Promotional marketing
  • Fulfillment
Microsoft Business Solutions
Accelerate Your Success

Case Study and Creative

Microsoft had recently acquired QuickSell Commerce (later renamed Microsoft Retail Management System) and was struggling to communicate with their newly acquired channel partners. Microsoft Business Solutions traditionally communicated with their channel partners via a series of industry-specific newsletters. However, readership of the Retail Insights newsletter was below 50%. Microsoft wanted to use the newsletter to promote a number of key 4th Quarter initiatives. However, they needed to get their subscription-base up and inform channel partners that the newsletter was going to be primary source of information regarding initiatives and tools.

In the end, Microsoft was pleased to find that readership was at nearly 90%, and more importantly, all key channel partners had subscribed. In addition, based on feedback from a number of RMS channel partners, the partners were pleased by the relevancy, clarity, and format of the communication pieces delivered.

Services include:

  • Channel Planning
  • Creative Strategy
  • Direct Marketing
  • Postcard and E-mail Blast Campaign
  • Newsletter Content Development


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