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There is a fast emerging market for a class of products will allow consumers to access a broad range of digital media assets that they currently have on their home PC’s and enjoy these assets in their living room and elsewhere in the house through their CE components such as televisions, stereo systems and home theatres. These products bridge the current gap between the classic consumer electronics world of TV, and stereos with personal computers and Internet accessibility.

Stratus Global Partners has identified four distinct approaches to address this market that include:

1 A PC in every room
2 Networked CE devices
3 Set top box bridges
4 Networked enabled media storage devices

Each of these approaches promises the bring the consumer closer to the vision of being able see anything, anywhere, any time. However each has a different market footprint, and at this time it is unclear which approach will be the dominant one in the future.

Success in penetrating this market will only be gained by manufacturers who develop strong alliances with content providers and who address the significant problems in positioning their products in the Consumer Electronics channel.


This marketing analysis report was created by Stratus Global Partners to anticipate the ‘go-to-market’ success factors for the Stratus Global Partners clients. It is part of a series of whitepapers prepared to assist Stratus Global Partners’ clients. This report is based upon Stratus Global Partners primary and secondary research conducted at and around the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) recently held in Las Vegas. This report has formed the basis for ‘go-to-market’ strategy sessions that Stratus Global Partners has been conducting with several clients in this nascent market.

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